Gain More Hardware Space by Cleaning Your Hard Drive

Your computer’s hard drive could become messy in the long time you’re using your computer. You save documents and forget about it. You might even save data that you would eventually forget to delete. These can leave your hard drive sluggish, so it’s best you pay attention to clean your drive. 

How can you do the cleanup effectively? 

Here are important tips you can do to remove unnecessary files and clean your PC: 

Determine the Big Files 

If you’re in a hurry to gain extra space, you can use reliable apps that enable you to find the big files on your computer. A good example of the apps you can use is the WinDirStat that finds the files you can delete. You can determine the non-important files from the important ones. From here, you wouldn’t worry about the wedding video of your sister because it wouldn’t be deleted. 

Also, some apps let you determine the big files that you no longer use. You select these files and delete it. You can achieve a good quality cleaning process that doesn’t relieve you to reclaim disk space but also enable you to level up your computer’s performance. 

Delete the Duplicate Files 

Sometimes, you download extra files unknowing that these take up extra space. It would become a hassle on your part to find these files if you’re busy. Don’t worry! You can find duplicate files and delete it using Duplicate Commander. It’s reliable in removing extra file copies and replaces it with hard links. You’re sure that the hard disk space would be cleaned without interrupting other programs on the computer. 

It’s also a good choice to use Duplicate Cleaner to find other duplicate files on your computer. In this way, you don’t have problems regarding your computer. Unnecessary files cause your computer to perform slowly if the files have malware or viruses in it. 

Find the Old Files 

Don’t be content if you find the big files and delete it. Yes, these files take large space, but it’s best to find the old files you don’t use anymore. You might even forget about these files, so that’s enough reason for you to find the files and delete it.  One good solution you can do is use search operators that help you locate the files so you can delete it. In doing so, you can get rid of the old files in no time! 

Rename Your Documents 

If you want to gain hardware space back, it’s not only good to delete unimportant files. You also need to rename important files as well. For example, you can use Rapid Streams for Windows or Name Changer for Mac. Users can perform renaming tasks easily with these utilities. But, if you want to gain additional options, it’s best to use Bulk Rename Utility that offers you good results. 

You can clean your hardware space easily if you follow these simple but effective tips. Come and try these now and expect good results in cleaning your computer. Your computer wouldn’t have a good performance level but would also be optimized to meet your basic needs. Come now and see the excellent results it offers you!

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